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Ingresse Login

Ingresse login is the fastest way to provide access to your platform.

In order to create more convenience to users while they are interacting with your platform we created "Ingresse Login" as tool to allow you to focus on your business instead of the basics of managing accounts.

Through our login process, your customers will be able to re-use or create an account in your platform without being necessary to fill their own information again. It will delivery a faster and reliable checkout flow to your customers.


For while Ingresse login can only be performed through an web browser. But, it will work for desktop and native mobile solutions.

1. Creating the Login Button

In your application, the first step is to add sign in button that will send the user to our login web interface. The URL to be used is:

The interface opened is the same used at Ingresse, providing all the tools already develop by Ingresse: login, account creation and password recovery.

Setting your application

In case you are creating a Login button for a custom application, you must add your public key as a parameter into the URL, because each application generates a different user token.

2. Redirecting the User Back

After a successful login or account creation, you can redirect the user back to your app or website, by providing a redirect url. You can do this by adding a returnUrl parameter as a query string. See the example below:

3. Getting User Token

After a redirect, the user token will be added as a query string information in the url provided. So, if you provide the following url:

Your customer will be redirected to

Using Deep Links

You can define deep links as redirect URLs. It will behaviour the same way adding the usertoken as a query string in the deep link. In this way, if you provide the following url:

Your customer will open the mobile app and add the user token at the end of the deep link:


Ending A User Session

The user token provided is a hash created to each application in our platform. It means that there is not an open session that expires each time a user login at Ingresse with your application.

Logout a user in our application does not need to be done in our server side, you can just end the session at your side, at your criteria.


Ingresse can reset user tokens without previous advice. Guarantee that your application can manage exceptions related to invalid user token (code 2006), in order to ask users to validate their user token again.

In this case, a new user token will be generate to that user.

Ingresse Login

Ingresse login is the fastest way to provide access to your platform.

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